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How to lose thigh fat fast at home

If you want to reduce your thigh fat and want to make your figure slim, then here we will discuss some great steps which will help you to make your wish come true, you can do it in your home.

There are easy and fast ways to get rid of thigh fat, but the ways you will follow need determination. Whatever the reason of your fat, you can eliminate it.

Now let's see the points, if you follow them  religiously you can surely cut off your thigh fat.

1) Exercises for thigh:

Squats : There are many ways to do squats but the most common way is: stand straight, keep some distance in your legs, keep your hand in front with some distance, take your hips down to the floor so long as your thigh are parallel with floor. Wait for 2-3 seconds before going up.
Exercise for thigh fat - Squats

Thigh Lifts : Lie down from right side on mat or carpet. keep your right elbow on ground. Place your left hand on floor for support, now take your left leg up and then down, do it slowly, repeat this at least 10 times. Change your position and do this with your right leg.
Exercise for thigh fat - Thigh Lifts
Yoga: Yoga is the best physical exercise because it not only lose your fat but also improve your inner health. Let us see a few yoga poses for thigh fat.

Warrior pose [Virabhadrasana]: Stand straight and take your leg behind at 45 degree and slightly bend you knee,  twist your torso so you face sideways and raise your hands to either side, stay in the pose as log as you can. Repeat with other leg also.

Warrior yoga

Exercise your whole body with sun salutation - It is a best exercise for thigh, when you start to lose your thigh fat you need to maintain your whole body and it is also a best workout for whole body. Click on the link to see the complete steps for sun salutation.

2) Foods that helps to burn thigh fat : With exercise you have to take fat burning food, they are good in taste and help to slim your body.

Nuts: Like Almonds are the best fat burning food for your thigh. Muscle building is essential for fat burning and it helps to build your muscles. 
Food for thigh fat - almonds

Grapefruit : It reduce your insulin, boost your metabolism, regulate sugar levels in blood.
Whole grains : Whole grains foods like:
Barley - It contain large amount of soluble and insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber keep digestive system healthy. It reduce your cholesterol. You can take it in your breakfast, if you eat it in your diet, you surely lose your fat. You can visit here to look on how to cook :

Whole grains

Brown Rice - It is rich in fiber, it contain 110 calories/cup. It has magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B-6 and a few amounts of iron and zinc. If you want to know how to cook it, look at
Brown Rice

Oats - 4.5 grams contain a healthy carb which helps to boosts your metabolism and burn fat. You can take it in breakfast, check for how to cook it.

All in all, If you wish to cut off thigh fat, you need to spend more time on leg exercises.

If you follow the above steps in your daily routine you can not only lose your thigh fat but also get a healthy body. Regular exercise and  healthy diet is vital need. one more thing I want to tell that due to thigh fat, most women facing Cellulite problem. The solution may be very for this problem, I want to mention one of them here, click on image to check all the details.


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