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Beneficial Yoga Poses to lose weight

Yoga can be practiced at any age. It not only provide the health benefit but also help to lose weight fast.

Yoga can help anyone who want fast weight loss, but it has some special procedure.

We will discuss some tips on the weight loss yoga in this article.

First, Take a glass of lukewarm water on an empty stomach, after 20-25 minutes start Micro exercise (Sukshm vyam) and asnas.

Now take a look on Sukshm vyam

Sukshm vyam is a procedure to make your body active, you can also say it a warm up.

1. Rotate your foot clockwise and anticlock 10-12 times, Similarly, do with knee,waist, shoulder, wrist,and neck.

Now do the below Asnas one by one for weight loss:

Sun Salutation 6 times : This contains 12 sweeping positions that permit the body to be able to grow onward as well as counter clockwise.

Beginning Place: Have assemble while using the go and the entire body straight. Feet are unitedly, the joints tend to be straight, and arms are relaxed. Inhale deeply.

Position one: Let out your breath and also take this palms collectively in the prayer position in front of the heart center.

Position two: Take a breath. Stretch your arms out from the heart center as well as stretch ones biceps upwards over your head. Mid-foot ( arch ) your whole body in the opposite direction. keep the arms upward next to the ears. Maintain your legs straight. Keep looking up at your hands.

Position three: Breathe out. Bend forward and bring the hands down to the floor next to the feet. If your hands do not contact the ground while using knees straight, then a bit extend the knees. Permit the head over to unstrain when it comes to the floor.

Position fourth: Take a breath, along with without moving the hands and wrists, stretch the right leg back as much as possible. Drop the knee joint to the floor. Leave the left knee on the floor between the hands and the left knee close to the chest. Expand the head upward in addition to returning.

Position fifth:  Hold breath. Bring your left leg back and put it beside the right, with the toes and fingers pointing forwards. Your body must be inside a consecutive occupation - just like drive-upward or maybe board situation. Keep head within straight line with  your  body.

Position six: Exhaling, fall the knees towards the floor. Keep the hips up. Take the chest to ground between the hands and wrists. Bring your forehead towards the level. Once again, if this sounds like in order to firm, simply just lower your human body flat to the ground.

Position seven: Inhale as you glide the body onwards till the hips are stored on the floor. Legs straight out behind you. Possess the palms on floor beneath the shoulders, elbows close to the entire body in addition to directed up-wards. Mildly reach way up with the head, neck and chest.

Position eight: Emanate when you tuck this toes underneath. Keep your feet and hands in the same location, bring your body way up in addition to kind a good inside-out V/down dog pose. Pushing the heel towards ground in addition to keep your knees straight.

Position nine: Inhale along with take the right feet onwards between the arms so your arms and toes form a straight line. Drop the left knee on the floor and stretch the head upwards. This is same as position 4.

Position ten: Exhale and without moving the hands bring the left foot forwards next to the right foot. The forehead is definitely straight down towards the knees. Ensure the hands and toes come in straight line. This is the just like Position 3.

Position eleven: Breathe in - as you slowly but surely get to the forearms forwards after which stretch them up over your head. With your arms alongside your ears plus the weight cantered on the balls of  the feet. Provide a complete slow-witted bend towards entire body. This can be a same position as position 2.

Position twelve: Exhale since you stands upright and brings your arms down with body, going back to the beginning position. Remain placid as well as observe the breath.

When you have regained your breath, continue this collection, now top while using eventually left leg.
Sun Salutation

Seated Forward Bend pose (Paschimottanasana) 6 times: sit and keep the legs straight , try to hold thumb of your leg while breathe out try to touch knees with forehead, stay in this stage for 30 seconds.
Seated Forward Bend pose - Paschimottanasana for weight loss

 Legged Wheel pose (Paadchakrasana) 12-12 times: Take up both legs from floor,then rotate them clockwise 12 times, do the same anti clockwise.
 Legged Wheel pose (Paadchakrasana) for weight loss

Wind-release pose (Pawanmuktasana ) 4-4 times : Lay down on the floor, then while breathe-in  take one leg to near the chest, then do this with second leg, repeat the same process 3 times with both leg. then fold both legs and take them near to the chest and swing 12 times.
Wind-release pose (Pawanmuktasana )

These all poses surely help you in weight loss, if you include these in your daily routine. Do all these in the morning after waking up.


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