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Home made Detox Drinks For Detoxification And Weight loss

These handmade cleansing drinks to lose weight are a normal solution to dissolve fat deposits quickly. Detoxification is the process to gets rid of poisonous substance to achieve your weight loss goal fast. So obviously it's a wise decision to detox your body regularly.

If you choose to take only detoxification drinks for more days, it is important to check that your health condition allow you to switch the normal diet to detox diet. Also you should consult your doctor if you want to take detox diet for long period.

Now here we will discuss some self made detoxification drink that can help you to lose weight:

Teas: Herbal tea is a natural detoxify drink that kicks out harmful toxins from your body. Green, ginger, and peppermint herbal tea are helpful for weight loss. Take herbal tea 3-5 times every day.
Herbal tea

Cranberry extract: Cranberry extract increase metabolism of your body, which is important to convert extra fat in to energy rather than extra weight. It is effective in weight loss if you take cranberry juice additionally with lots of fruits and vegetables. It also helps to wipe out nicotine and alcohol from your body.
Cranberry extract

Cabbage juice: Cabbage is extremely effective to purifying your liver. It is important because liver helps in detoxification of your body. In case you have any juicer, mix up cabbage, green beans and pears to get a tasty detoxify drink.
Cabbage juice

Cucumber and lemon: This amazing mixture has been tested by nutrition experts and found that it is extremely effective drink for detoxification and weight loss. With the help of food processor chopped a cucumber in small pieces and mix half lemon juice in it, take it 2 times a day. This is a great metabolism booster drink and also it gives you a lots of energy.
Cucumber and lemon

Lemonade: This is a most popular drink for weight loss. It is much effective in weight loss. Lemonade also enhance your skin complexion. Mix lemon juice, maple syrup and little quantity of cayenne pepper with a glass of water. You can take this juice whole day for best result.

Lemonade or lemon juice

Salt Water Detoxify: Take 1 spoon salt and mix it with lukewarm water. You can take it at the initial time of your weight loss program. Take it when you have sufficient time because it will run out from your body very fast. Do not use table salt, always use natural sea salt. Drink and then relax for some time. When your body cleansed, recover it by taking fat free yogurt to improve your digestive system, eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

Additionally, take lots of veggies, fruits and whole grain foods for best chance for quick weight loss.


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