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Dukan diet can boost your metabolism to lose weight

Dukan diet to lose weight
If you find that your weight loss speed is slow. you can make simple changes in your diet to boost metabolism of your body.

What type of diet is healthy and leads to help in quick weight loss. The answer is Dukan diet plan.

Dukan diet is a healthy diet plan which can help to boost your metabolism and to lose weight. It is high in protein and low in carbohydrate. It is also known as princess diet originating in France.

The Dukan diet has four phases program.
  1. First phase -       Attack Diet Plan
  2. Second phase - Cruise  Diet Plan
  3. Third phase -    Consolidation  Diet Plan
  4. Fourth phase -  Stabilisation  Diet Plan

Now here we will look deeply into first phase. It is vital part of Dukan Diet plan, as when we start any diet plan we generally lose our patience to follow on long run, at this point Dukan diet's Attack face will help. Look at the details, how it can help in quick weight loss.

Dukan Diet Attack phase

This step helps dieter to lose 4 to 6 lb (2-3 kg) weight in 2-7 days by boosting their metabolism. Duration of this phase depend on various factors like your age and how much weight you want to lose. In this step you can eat as much as you can but only protein rich foods. Here is the list of 72 protein rich foods that you can eat:

  1. Beef Steak
  2. Fillet of Beef
  3. Sirloin Steak
  4. Roast Beef
  5. Rump Steak
  6. Tongue
  7. Bresaola – Dry beef
  8. Veal Escalope
  9. Kidney
  10. Calf’s liver
  11. Veal Chops
  12. Cooked ham slices – no fat – no rind
  13. Cooked Chicken Slices – no fat – no rind
  14. Cooked Turkey Slices – no fat – no rind
  15. Fat reduced bacon
  16. Game – Venison, Pheasant, Grouse
  17. Rabbit
  18. Dab/Lemon Sole
  19. Dover Sole
  20. Fish Roe (Caviar) – Cod, Salmon, Herring, Mullet
  21. Cod
  22. Grey Mullet
  23. Hake
  24. Halibut
  25. Haddock
  26. Monkfish
  27. Mackerel
  28. Plaice
  29. Pollock – Coley
  30. Trout
  31. Salmon
  32. Sardines
  33. Red Mullet
  34. Sea Bass
  35. Skate
  36. Sea Bream
  37. Smoked Salmon
  38. Swordfish
  39. Tuna
  40. Whiting
  41. Turbot
  42. Clams
  43. Cockles
  44. Calamari – Squid
  45. Crayfish
  46. Lobster
  47. Prawns
  48. Gambas
  49. Mussels
  50. Oysters
  51. Scallops
  52. Whelks
  53. Shrimp
  54. Dublin Bay Prawns
  55. Seafood Sticks – Surimi
  56. Chicken Livers
  57. Chicken
  58. Guinea Fowl
  59. Ostrich
  60. Poussin
  61. Pigeon
  62. Quail
  63. Turkey
  64. Hen’s eggs
  65. Quail eggs
  66. Skim milk
  67. Virtually fat free quark
  68. Virtually fat free fromage frais
  69. Virtually fat free cottage cheese
  70. Fat free Greek yogurt
  71. Fat free natural yogurt
  72. Tofu

So many people are vegetarian and want to follow the Dukan Diet to lose weight. The list of  vegetarian foods are:

Dukan Attack Phase - Tofu
Plain Quorn
Textured soy products
cooked starches
cooked pulses
fromage frais

Other suggestion for vegetarians, it is not suggested in Dukan's Attack Phase but i have listed because these are low in carbs and high in proteins:

Cashew Butter
Peanut Butter
Chick Peas

Only protein rich foods are allowed in Dukan Attack phase. Protein digestion generate ketones which are ejected by urine, so it is important to drink 6 to 8 glasses or 2 liters water in a day. The key benefits of Attack phase is that the person will lose weight very fast. You can feel more energy during Dukan Attack Phase, as you consume foods that are rich in protein, iron and nutrients.

Don't stick on first phase for more that 10 days, you can check your weight daily so you can see the changes within this period. If you have desire to lose weight and want to be in good looking shape, Dukan Attack Phase will help you to achieving your goals. Remember, stick on Attack phase diet plan, and you will get the result very quickly.


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